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"Your service saved my business literally... I will recommend you to anyone who might need help like I did... Thank you again..."

"After spending over $5000.00 with other "Reputation Companies" with no success, your service was the one who really helped us...Your fees were very reasonable and worth every penny..."  I have several news stories about my private life mix with my businesses search results. Your service was very detailed and effective.

-D. Homill, Los Angeles, USA
I recommend using - They deliver results and are very easy to work with. My experience was good and they did what they claimed they would do, the communication was over impressive and professional but friendly.

I had an unfortunate life hiccup and was arrested, then my mug shot was all over Florida Mugshot websites and Google search. RepArmor had any of the images removed and others hidden from searchers. Thanks!
-Kate, Ohio, USA
"If you need a good company to help you with online reputation management... I recommend Reputation Armor....Great service."

I work in the legal field and I had no legal route that I could take to have pages about me removed online. The only option was to over post and bury the links as suggested by - Worked great.

-Preston, New York USA
"My wife and I thank you... Being real estate brokers we must have a clean reputation and that is what you continue to deliver. Our renters that we evict always bad mouth us. You keep the fire out and that is what we like."

We had over 6 different complaint sites on Google including a RipOff Report you guys removed from page 1 for me... Happy with your service is an understatement.
-Darrin & Dereck, Houston, USA


"I would like to thank you for everything... I sleep better at night now that all of this is taken care of. You guys delivered exactly what you promised..."


"Thanks for all the hard work and understanding, I recommend your service to anyone who needs good PR. You can use this on your testimonial page, ya'll deserve the business"
"O' My God! You actually got it ALL taken off of Google... I feel better when I don't see lies about me online... We will stay in touch..."

"I love my new blog site and thanks for promoting it like you have. I am all over the search engines and am getting a lot of good vibe buzz!"

"Your service was great...Keep up the good work!"

"I recommend Reputation Armor because the are the real deal and get the job done. (Period)..."

"It took you only a few weeks to do what others could not do in 2 years...This is why I liked your service..."

"Rip-off Report almost ruined my business until you did what you did... I can't express my thanks enough..."

"You Rock! You did a super job.... This has helped me a lot..."
"After a month my online reputation was better looking than I could have imagined..."


*Names and images may have been changed to protect the identity and privacy of clients by request. All testimonials are of real clients and they were not compensated or discounted in any way. We do ask for feedback from our clients for this page.



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