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Press Release Service. Positive Press Release Campaigns . This is where we create multiple press releases about your company and distribute the press releases throughout a large network of PR websites like PRWEB, Yahoo News,, and many more. These positive press releases will create permanent positive reputation boosting gateways to your website, and also help dilute or eliminate negative feedback about you.

What You Get With Our Press Release Campaign Service:

Writing: The Reputation Armor technical writing team will communicate with you and create a keyword rich, relevant, highly optimized press release. (Or You May Provide Your Own).

•We identify the best angle or news worthy aspect about your company to base the content of your press release off of. Something that makes you special or something new about your company.

•Our writers will create or help you create the best PR campaign possible by getting to know you, your industry, and who your clients are.

Optimizing: Reputation Armor gets to know you/your business and understand your target audiences, whether it's journalists, consumers, business-to-business customers, or investors.

•We conduct keyword research to find multiple relevant search terms that your target audiences are likely to use for search queries. We edit your press release and optimize it with the relevant search terms to give it more staying power in the search engines.

•We also build links from your press release to relevant content on your website and directly to your website.

•We manually submit your press release to dozens of top search engines like Google, Yahoo, AOL Search, MSN, and More.

Distributing: Reputation Armor uses a variety of channels to distribute your press release to your target audiences.

•Your press release is distributed via opt-in email to a database of more than 100,000 media outlets, industry analysts, freelance journalists and newsrooms.

•Yahoo News, Google News and news search engines pick up your press release.

•Your press release is distributed through various syndicated network news feeds.

•Your press release is archived indefinitely on many PR websites, which get millions of pages views a daily.

Contact us today for more information on our press release services. Most Reputation Management Campaigns include press release services (When Applicable).



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