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Reputation Management

The Reputation Armor Solution 

Reputation Armor has a full staff of reputation management & Internet Marketing experts that can assist you or your company with many aspects of online reputation management. When you hire Reputation Armor you are hiring a team that will fight to keep your online reputation positive.


Reputation Management Services We Offer:


Below is a list of techniques and services we offer. Some of the services listed below may not be used (needed) when helping with your unique reputation management needs.


Featured Services: Removal of negative links, images, complaints and more!
Our entire service revolves around removing negative content about your name from search engines and the internet completely or from top search results. If there is something negative about you or your business online that you do not like, we can help you! Recent developments in online content removal methods have enabled us to help you completely remove ripoff report links from Google 100%. We have also added DMCA takedown services to our service list, and developed an "a la carte" service menu where you can order a specific single service like a wordpress site build and installation for Google content.
Remove Ripoff Reports From Google
Have Bad News Links Removed About Your Name.
Remove ComplaintsBoard Links
Have Your Name Removed From Blogs
Mug Shot & Image Removal Service
Remove Fake Reviews From Review Site Like Yelp
Have Complaints Removed From The Web
Remove Online Defamation & Lies



Removing Negative Search Engine Results That Appear On Search Engine About You Or Your Company. This is where we penetrate and dominate search engine results with favorable posts, reviews, articles and more about your company. This is done to displace, push down, and bury negative information found about you on the major search engines. We Remove Negative Search Engine Results off of the first 5 pages of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We can also have links completely deleted for some clients (the cost can be greater for complete deletion).


Positive Press Release Campaigns. Our press release service will create multiple press releases about your company and distribute the press releases throughout a large network of PR websites like PRWEB, Yahoo News,, and dozens more. These positive press releases will create permanent positive reputation boosting gateways to your website, and will also help dilute or eliminate negative feedback about you on the first pages of search results.


Reputation Blog Branding. This is where we create a new search engine optimized blog / website using wordpress specifically about your company and company news. This blog can be updated multiple times per week/month, this will create multiple pages of information about your company that will show up in Google and other search results, thus pushing any negative results or feedback out of sight.


Blog Posting Service. This is where we submit your website and company name and a quick bite of information about your company to highly ranked search engine friendly Blogs. This will create more positive results about your company on search engine. Buy Blog Posts (Using an advertorial Blog Post Is A Great Tool)


Reputation Monitoring. This is where we constantly monitor the internet and major search engines along with all know "complaint portals" and scan them for your company name, address, website, phone number and email. If a negative item is found about you or your company, we immediately notify you and recommend a solution to remove the negative information. Reputation Monitoring Service.


Article Marketing. Our technical writers and ghost writers will create keyword rich articles about topics that are relevant to your business. We tag these articles with backlinks that will carry readers to your web properties and increase the search engine ranking of secondary web pages about you and your company. We aggressively distribute these articles to hundreds of article websites, feeds, and outlets. Eventually your articles will appear in search engine results, and create more positive results, which will eliminate would be searchers from seeing any negative feedback about you or your company.


Back Links (Link Building). Getting quality websites to link back to your website is a backlink (back link). Obtaining backlinks can sometimes be a difficult task. It is very important to have a lot of quality backlinks. Having quality backlinks will increase your link popularity and PageRank, this will increase your search engine ranking and make your website show up higher when people search for keywords related to your business, product, or service. Buy BackLinks



Special Removal Services