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Forum Posting

Use Forums For Reputation Management

Forum Posting Service. Using forums for Reputation Management is a method that some online reputation management firms use. The idea here is to create dozens of accounts using your name as the username and placing your name and a backlink within the signature footer of the posts made from the account. By making a few generic non-intrusive forum posts on the forum, you will be making a few more pages that Google will index with your name on them. The pages indexed will also have the backlink on it that will link to another page or blog about you. 


This method helps reach the end goal of pushing down negative mentions of your name or company name. Some of our reputation management campaigns include forum posting as one of the methods. This tactic is usually not used for larger businesses and is reserved for small businesses and individuals. Larger companies usually do not want their business name tied in to smaller forums and topic sites. 






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