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Remove Search Results 

Manipulate Google Search

Remove Search Results . If We Google Your Company Name What Would We Find? If something negative were to pop up about your company, chances are people would be cautions about doing business with you.

Google alone gets over 3 Billion search requests per day. This shows that people love to search, investigate, and learn from search engines. Before doing business with a company many people will "Google" (Search) a company name to see what others are saying about the company. The same concept goes for products, people search for product reviews all the time. If your product has a bad review, your sales will suffer.

We can remove/displace negative search engine listings and results about you or your company. We use various techniques to remove and dilute negative search engine results. A few techniques we use to push down (hide) negative search results are:

Press Release Campaigns
Mini Websites About You/Your Company
Blog Reviews/Blog Posts (High Rank)
High PageRank Directory Listings
Business/Personal Social Profile Sites
Branded Article Marketing\
Aggressive SEO to current "Good" Links
Charitable Donations Campaign with PR
Backlink Campaigns
User Account Creation On Profile Driven Sites

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