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Remove A Rip Off Report . There are many businesses online that don't treat their customers well, and (RipOff Report) does help protect some consumers from these rip-off companies, they also end up assisting malicious ex-employees, hostile customers, and unethical competitors in attacking reputable businesses. Once a rip off report complaint is submitted it is impossible to influence or force to remove the listing for you, even if they know the information is inaccurate. Further more Rip Off Reports own website even states that they never remove complaints even if the original author requests them be removed.


We can help you remove ripoff reports and complaints from search engine results so people that search for you and/or your business, will not see them.


Having a listing on that appears on the first page of Google from a search for your company name can be extremely damaging to your business and personal reputation. Nothing is more frustrating than working hard to build a relationship with a potential client, only to lose the deal when they Google your company name and find you on Rip Off Report. If you want a Rip Off Report complaint removed, contact us today.



 New!  - We can now help you have a Ripoff Report Link Completely Deleted (De-Indexed From Google) No one will ever see your RipOff Report Links again! This is a 100% fix and is not a campaign to bury the links!


90 Day NO BS Guarantee Included
My 100% Money-Back Guarantee...
Listen, I want you to be as confident as I am and many of our new clients are. But just in case you have any lingering doubts about us whatsoever, I want to make it foolproof for you.

Retain Our Service Today and let us work on your rip off report case or campaign for 90 days - Give us time to produce real results.

If we fail to deliver what we promise to you within 90 days or if you we fail you in any way.... We will refund your money 100%. We will put this guarantee in writing, signed by me "Joe" the VP Of Operations at - Our ripoff report removal success rate has sky rocketed over the past 12 months with our new operation and methods. Give me a call today - I will talk with you personally to assure you, I mean business...

Joe H., VP Of Operations



Reputation Armor has a comprehensive approach to eliminating negative information from the top 5 pages of the major search engines, including Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Our approach includes using traditional search engine optimization techniques to promote existing positive listings that already exist about your company. In cases where no other listings exist, our team of technical writers and our Positive PR team will develop positive postings to blogs, business directories, news portals, and social networking sites, and create search engine friendly web pages which we then optimize specifically for your situation. These new pages and posts will dilute and push the negative information about you further down the search results where they will be lost and not as visible to your potential clients.


We have successfully helped hundreds of clients remove rip off reports and reclaim their positive online reputations. We can help you control what Google, Yahoo!, and Bing shows about your personal name or company name. Allow our team the opportunity to serve you. We get results and have been in the Reputation Management field for over 8 years.



Update. In recent months the ability for us to remove (bury) a rip off report link deeper within search results has become less difficult. In light of new techniques used to suppress (Remove Rip Off Report), we have lowered our service fees for businesses that are listed on Rip Off Report by 50% on average. The difficulty level of a campaign dictates the price of our service, and the keywords (name listed) on rip off report greatly influence the pricing. Contact us today for a price quote.


Guarantee. Our rip off report removal service is guaranteed for businesses and individuals in writing unless otherwise specified. When you sign-up for our service to remove rip off reports, you will get a guarantee in writing from us. If we fail to meet our obligation to Remove A Ripoff Report for your from search results as outlined, you will receive a refund of your service fees.


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