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Reputation Management Tips 

Provided By Reputation Armor

Reputation Management. Create a few social profiles online and add relevant content about your company. Make the profile about the name that have the rip off reports and use the exact name that is in the title of the rip off reports.

Here are a few social networking sites you can make free profiles on:

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a popular networking site where alumni, business associates, recent graduates and other professionals connect online.

Facebook: Facebook is no longer just for college kids who want to post their party pics. Businesses vie for advertising opportunities, event promotion and more on this social-networking site.

Twitter: Twitter is huge and it ranks good on Google. Create an account on twitter and add some posts/content to it weekly and watch your twitter page outrank negative content quickly!

Create a personal or company blog on a new domain name like or create a free blog on sites like or use

Use Free Pres Release Sites and submit a company or personal press release. Also create profiles on as many sites as you can like YouTube, Wapr, Naymz, and many more.
Make sure you own your name and company name as a domain. Buy all extensions like .com, .net, .org, and even .us and .info. Install mini sites about you on them. Do not forget to search engine optimize! We use or to register domains. is cheaper and has better service! Try HostGator for hosting if you are on a budget,


Just remember that when you try to do Reputation Management yourself (DIY Reputation Management) that it is a long process when you tackle it alone and you might not see fast results. In some cases it can take months for you to repair your online reputation without the help of an SEO Service or Reputation Management Firm. Reputation Armor is both and we an help you at an affordable rate. Contact us today.




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