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Fight Ripoff Reports

How To Fight A Ripoff Report Complaint

Your Real Options:


  1. Hire a Reputation Management Firm like that specializes in Search Engine and Negative Content manipulation. We will fight for you and either have the ripoff links de-indexed (deleted from google) or we will bury the links with content creation and promotion. Both cost money and require an investment from you as our client. To de-index delete a link is expensive ($8k-20k) depending on factors. The most affordable solution when hiring us is to bury the rip off report link and get it off the first pages of Google so people do not find it (HIDE IT!)  The fees for a campaign can be ($500-$3500) depending on factors. 
  2. NOT RECOMMENDED: File a rebuttal or respond to the complaint on the ROR site. We do not advise this, it is just an option. Filing a response may be your first instinct so you can share your side of the story or call the person out as a liar or simply say it is not true or even to say sorry and apologize in a public forum. When you add a comment to the ROR page it shows GOOGLE that the page is important and is a popular topic about your name so they will make it rank higher and stronger on search results when someone searches for your name or business. If you want the ROR link to stay strong and rank hire and if you do not care that more people will see it, by all means.... Post a comment on it. (DON'T SERIOUSLY).
  3. DIY - Do it yourself reputation management - Start a reputation management war room and try to bury the link yourself. You will need to free up some funds to pay for links, domains, listings, paid blog posts, and more. You will also need as lot of time - several hours a day/week to start. The BASIC plan here is to create new content about you or your name that will go ABOVE the ripoff report. It is easy to get new pages about you online but getting them to push down the ROR link is a challenge. Create Free Blogs, Websites (, .net, .org), Youtube, facebook, twitter, and all the social media services you can. Start being active on them daily then weekly after they rank well. Need a DIY reputation management boost? We will help you with services like consultation, tips, and tricks. We will accept payment for partial services anytime. Say you want a blog installed on your own domain name and a 1 hour training call - $199.00 - We can help you with anything you need!
  4. Do nothing about it! If the Ripoff Report doesn't hurt you or your business or embarrass you, then do nothing. But remember things like this can come back to haunt you later in life. People will search your name - it is the new way to snoop on people. It is a digital peeping tom era, people want to glimpse in to your life and see what you are about. Think about your options and think about the future. Will your kids see it, will their teachers, your friends, co-workers, boss, lovers, potential dates, neighbors, anyone!


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How Do You Remove A RipOff Report? The only way to remove a ripoff report refers to the report showing up on Google and search engines. There are loopholes and methods to make it so people do not find a ripoff report about you or your business. Contact Reputatio Armor for a consultation. 




Our team is very willing to help you in anyway and can work with almost ANY budget - we do this as a business and this is all we do for our clients, remove negative content,  it is what we know best and we are good at it. Contact us today and talk to one of us. We are not a huge company and might even talk to you while we are picking up our kids from School! We are down to earth and always ready to talk - day or night!






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